Friday, September 4, 2015

Fall colors!

Fall is almost here! Get ready for the change of seasons by adding some warm, cozy colors to your home. Small changes like a new area rug in the entryway, a vintage blanket draped over the back of a couch in the living room, or the rich colors of Jaspe pottery in a window sill or on a side table, will help welcome in the new season.  Here are some easy ways to start the transition.

WOODARD WEAVE Woven Rug "Geometric Checkerboard" #90-M.
Shown with one of four Framed Vintage Shoe Advertisements.

WOODARD & GREENSTEIN Hooked Rug "Riverton" #403.

Detail of Vintage Blanket.  Mid-20th Century.

Antique Pieced and Applique Quilt. Circa 1885.
Vintage French Jaspe Pottery pitchers.

"Maple Acres" beautiful handmade sign. Pine and hardwoods. Letters made from beaded moldings. New York State, circa 1900. 

Vintage Painted Wood and Cork Dart Board. Circa 1935.

All items are available as of the date of this blog post. Please inquire for pricing, details and availability by emailing: info@woodardandgreenstein.com