Monday, July 2, 2012

Celebrating the Fourth

Over the years Woodard and Greenstein has acquired many rare pieces of Americana, including an extensive collection of 19th and 20th century campaign bandannas, and what more fitting time to showcase these unique and charming finds than on the Fourth of July? Here's a sampling of our favorite pieces paying homage to the red white and blue. As always, these and other American antiques can be found and purchased on 1stdibs.com. Have a happy Fourth!

Applique and Pieced Quilt top: GOD BLESS AMERICA
Applique and Pieced Quilt top: GOD BLESS AMERICA c.1914-1920. A patriotic handmade quilt top mounted on stretchers with 48-star American flag, and a soldier at the pole base.
1888 Campaign bandanna: Harrison/Morton
Campaign Bandanna: Harrison/Morton 1888. Inscribed "Protect Home Industry" with portraits of the candidates.
Political Bandanna Harrison/Morton 1888
Political Bandanna: Harrison/Morton 1888. Inscribed "Protection vs. Free Trade / "Pension for Soliders / Aid for Free Schools". 
1940 Political Bandanna: Wendell Wilkie
Political Bandanna: Wendell Wilkie 1940. Wendell Wilkie campaigned against  Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1940 presidential election.
Pair of 1888 Harrison/Morton campaign bandannas
Pair of Campaign Bandannas 1888. A pair of Harrison/Morton bandannas, included in "Threads of History" published by the Smithsonian Institute. 
Antique 19th century pieced quilt
Antique Quilt: Feathered Star Variation: Late 19th century finely pieced graphic variation of traditional design in red, white, and blue.
Early 20th century miniature Adirondack chairs
Pair of miniature Adirondack chairs and single Adirondack chair c. early 20th century. A charming pair of red and white painted wood miniature chairs, and a single red painted wood  miniature chair.
Trade Sign: National Union Fire Insurance Company 1900
Trade Sign: National Union Fire Insurance Company c. 1900. Red white and blue patriotic shield with capitol building inspiring trust and confidence.
Early 20th century paper covered barrel cover
Paper covered barrel cover c. early 20th century. Patriotic colors and motifs decorate this exuberant advertisement for an American flour company.
Woodard Weave Georgetown 254
Woodard Weave design Georgetown 254 brings our love of Americana to our Woodard Weave Woven Rug collection with bold red, white and blue.