Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Woodard & Greenstein in House Beautiful Magazine

The April edition of House Beautiful Magazine includes two Woodard & Greenstein products in its pages! The first is a WOODARD WEAVE Woven Rug, design Great Barrington #78-A which adds a quietly ordered element to the clean lines and comfortably furnished dining room in the article "A Global Approach" (Interior Design by David Dalton, Interview by David A. Keeps, Photographs by Lisa Romerein) beginning on page 100, image on page 104.

The second, is a vintage quilt featured in the article "Easy Breezy" (Interior Design by Justine Cushing, Interview by Christine Pittel, Photographs by James Merrell), beginning on page 110, image on page 119. Designer Justine Cushing used a whimsical vintage quilt, Circa 1930, to add warmth to this charming bedroom. "Pinwheel Sunburst" quilt from Woodard & Greenstein.