Monday, August 27, 2012

Labor Day is on it's way

Labor Day weekend is just about here! The perfect time to get out of the city and into the country to enjoy the fresh air, friends and family. In anticipation of the break we pulled together a few paintings and pieces all about travel and relaxation. As always, more information about our antiques is available on 1st Dibs. We hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful Labor Day!

Wooden Quebec Duck Decoy
Quebec Decoy early 20th century. Distinctive carving on tail feathers and wings, with blue and white painted details on wings, green painted beak.
Late 19th century Sailing Ship Diorama
Sailing Ship Diorama late 19th-Century.
Carved and painted three-dimensional image of sailing ship in wood frame behind glass.
Royal Scot Locomotive
Royal Scot Locomotive circa 1923-25.
Magnificent train, said to be the 6100-First Engine, early LMS (London-Midland-Scotland).
Pair of Bookends: Golfers
Pair of Golfer Bookends early 20th century. Detailed figures, each standing on a book.  
Hooked Rug: Mallard Ducks Take Flight
Grenfell Mat: Mallard Ducks Take Flight, circa 1930. Handmade by well-known cottage industry. Pictured in Silk Stocking Mats, Laverty, Paula, Page 84. Exceptionally vivid colors.
Gone Fishing early 20th century. A watercolor image of two men fishing. Inscribed "Too Bad", probably referring to the one that got away.
Rustic Landscape oil painting
Rustic Landscape dated 1923. Oil on canvas. A finely detailed autumn scene. Signed and dated "R.M. Kelly. 10-23-26". All original in original frame, no restoration.
New Hampshire White Mountains oil painting
New Hampshire White Mountains circa 1920. Oil painting of Mount Chocorua and Lake Chocorua, New Hampshire. Signed C.A. Knight. View of the White Mountains, a picturesque area in New England, still visited by travelers year round.