Friday, May 10, 2013

AD re-discovers WOODARD WEAVE®

The new Architectural Digest (June 2013) features WOODARD WEAVE Stair and Hall Runners (Pages 14, 28) in the upstate New York  “period-perfect weekend retreat” of decorator Bruce Shostak.  “A Federal Case”, Mitchell Owens'  eloquently written piece, accompanied by William Waldron’s beautiful photographs, offers an insider’s peek at a remarkable Federal house, circa 1817.  

Mr. Shostak and Craig Fitt renovated the structure with an elegant mixture of respect for the building’s history and an affectionate nod to sublime enjoyment.  For example, the chic, royally austere dining room easily becomes a dance floor when the furniture is pushed back and an iPod provides music!)  

What a wonderful way to have it all – a classic, historic house to live in that also offers warmth and comfort in every room.  And what a thrill to see the vitality and energy that lives on in this extraordinary restored home, every rich detail showing a restraint that seems effortless, truly a magificent labor of love.  AD's Editor in Chief, Margaret Russell, has devoted the entire issue to  saluting "the new country chic".

(Restoration Consulting by Jeremiah Ruscani.  Styled by Howard Christian.)